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Today I published my first Visual Studio extension! :)

Lua Test Adapter and Framework

It was created because I’d recently been working on a World of Warcraft Addon, RareShare. As the addon currently has no UI (mostly just interacts with the World of Warcraft API), I decided to create a set of automated tests for it (as any self-respecting software developer would ;)). I quickly became annoyed by reading the output of lua.exe and then looking up test line numbers, so decided to investigate how hard it was to create a Visual Studio test adapter!

It actually turned out to be slightly more complicated than expected; so I’ll leave that for the next post. However, I did build it in a way that keeps the Lua-specific stuff out of the main assembly; such that it should be quite simple to add other types of external tests (eg. Python, Perl, JavaScript, whatever). I can’t promise I’ll get around to any of them; but I might take pull requests ;-)