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Compiling Dart to Native Executables for Windows, Linux and macOS with GitHub Actions

Dart v2.6 includes support for compiling Dart scripts to native executables for Windows, Linux and macOS. There's currently no cross-compilation but cloud services like GitHub Actions can be used to easily generate executables for each platform.

Dart Code v2 - Now with Flutter debugging and hot reload!

In addition to command line programs, Dart Code now supports full debugging of Flutter mobile applications including hot reload and device switching!

Simple Dart code to tweet using OAuth

Last year I blogged about some simple C# to post tweets. I converted that code to Dart for easier running on my Raspberry Pi.

Using Alexa (Amazon Echo) to Preheat my Renault ZOE and check Battery Status

With only a small amount of code I was able to connect Alexa up to Renault ZE Services via Amazon AWS Lambda to control the car with my voice.

Simplest C# code to post a tweet using OAuth

I recently needed to post tweets programatically and found myself lost in a maze of OAuth and bloated Twitter libraries so decided to see what was the simplest code I could create to post tweets using OAuth.

HTML5 Pong in 20min with C#/Bridge.NET

I had a quick go at creating a simple Pong game using Bridge.NET to run in the browser. It took around 20 min for basic functionality and scoring/countdown timer.

DaChip8JS - My C# Chip-8 Interpreter running in the browser

Using Bridge.NET I was able to easily get my Chip-8 interpreter running in the browser (and working on mobile!)

Building a Chip-8 Interpreter in C#

I'm trying to build a NES emulator but since I've got a little stuck on the rendering code I decided to have a break and try something far simpler first!

Simple Windows utility to act as default browser and launch different browsers based on domain

I created a small utility that you can set as your default web browser in Windows and tell it which (real) browsers to launch for which domains; useful if you have some web apps that only work in one browser.

Have the Angular Team lost their marbles?

I've posted before that I'm not a big fan of frameworks like Angular, however recent information about Angular's future only makes me hold my head in my hands even more...

You have ruined HTML

As if HTML wasn't already terrible enough; you've gone and ruined it with your {{ stupid binding expressions }} and convinced the world that it's a good thing.

DartVS - Dart Support for Visual Studio

Yesterday I published an extension that adds some support for coding Google's Dart in Visual Studio, including Errors/Warnings and Syntax Highlighting.

Free Software and Services for Open Source Projects

Following on from yesterday's post about open source projects; here's a bunch of commercial software and services that are offered free by their companies to open source projects.

My Favourite Open Source Software

Scott Hanselman suggested that open source software doesn't get enough praise; so I thought it'd be nice to blog a list of my favourites. Some of this is used on a daily basis and important to my work; yet I've never paid a penny for it!

Markdown-based Presentations with Remark

I recently discovered a cool JavaScript library called remark; which builds awesome looking presentations/slides from Markdown and CSS.

Cross-browser JavaScript Testing with Karma and Visual Studio

Yesterday I published a Visual Studio extension and a Karma reporter extension to enable showing realtime Karma results in the Visual Studio Test Explorer window.

A Jasmine Test Adapter for Visual Studio

I've published my second Visual Studio extension; a Jasmine test adapter for Visual Studio that discovers/executes tests when saving changes to js files.

Some things I learned while building my Visual Studio Test Adapter

I've published my first Visual Studio extension! It was slightly more complicated than expected. Here's some things I learned in the process...

A Lua Test Adapter and Framework for Visual Studio

I've published my first Visual Studio extension; a Lua test framework/adapter for Visual Studio that discovers/executes tests when saving changes to lua files.

Migrating my blog from Google App Engine to GitHub Pages and Jekyll

I’ve been trying to migrate my blog from Google App Engine to something a little more manageable (and not tied to GAE infrastructure) for some time. However, all of my attempts to rewrite the blog in ASP.NET have failed due to newer versions of “things” coming out, making me start over before I get to the end. I’ve come to the conclusion that coding my own blog is getting in the way of me blogging.

PowerShell function to launch Kiln/BitBucket/Google Code/etc. for current Mercurial repo from command line

A small, but useful, PowerShell function that I have in my PowerShell profile that reads the default repo path from .hg\hgrc and launches it in the default browser. This means after I've done hg push I can just ype kiln to quickly get to the repo page to raise code reviews, etc.

Thoughts on TypeScript, Dart, and the future of browser-based coding

Had a bit of a discussion on Twitter with Kevin Darty about TypeScript. It started off with this tweet:

Frustrations with Git on Windows (and Codeplex) / Suggestions to the Git Devs

During some ranting about Git on Twitter, Brendan Forster suggested I blog the things I would change. I don't have time to write a lot, but I thought I could spam out a list of things based on my first 30 minutes with Git on Windows.

Free dependency graph generation using PowerShell and yUML

I don't like the idea of paying for (or installing) a tool to just show me some simple relationships between my Visual Studio projects, but it's something that is pretty useful when trying to tidy up a huge legacy codebase.

Adding Tab-Expansion to Andrew Nurse's PSGet (NuGet Powershell Module)

If you subscribe to my blog or follow me on Twitter you'll probably know I'm quite a fan of NuGet. Recently I was playing around with Andrew Nurse's PSGet module that wraps NuGet.exe for PowerShell (which, by the way, is an awesome idea, and should be added as built-in functionality!). I decided a good way to learn a little more about PowerShell would be to try and add Tab Expansion to PSGet, similar to the functionality in the Visual Studio Package Manager Console.

Extending MarkdownHelper/MarkdownDeep.NET to support Google Code's Prettify Syntax Highlighter

I'm in the process of rewriting my blog in ASP.NET MVC to move it from Google App Engine to AppHarbor. One of the important changes is that all my articles will be stored as Markdown instead of HTML.

Setting up NuGet to Automatically Fetch Packages When Deploying to AppHarbor Without Storing Binaries in Source Control

Over the last few days I've been blogging and tweeting about using NuGet without committing the packages folder to source control. David Ebbo blogged about using a pre-build event to fetch packages at build time.

Formatting PowerShell Objects using the Razor Engine

I've been meaning to look into PowerShell for a while - it's been on an ever-growing list of things I'd like to learn more about. Recently I got around to spending some time with it and decided an interesting way to learn a little would be to create a module that allowed you to format objects using the Razor Engine.


MarkdownHelper on NuGet, using MarkdownDeep

Last month I posted a small HtmlHelper to make transforming Markdown in an ASP.NET MVC application a little easier. Unfortunately, getting it up and running wasn't quite so easy... You had to go and download MarkdownSharp (or copy the code file from the Google Code site) and put it in your project, then copy/paste my code into a file, add the namespace to a Views/Web.config, and blah blah, you gave up already.

An ASP.NET MVC HtmlHelper Extension Method for Markdown using MarkdownSharp

Update: I changed from using MarkdownSharp to MarkdownDeep.NET and pushed the helper to NuGet to make it easier to use. Sure, it's only a few lines of code, but this way one command will import the MarkdownDeep.NET library and add the namespace to your views Web.config easily. It'll also make updates much simpler if you use it in many places :-)

Reducing Duplicate Content with ASP.NET MVC

As you're all no doubt aware, ASP.NET MVC recently went RTM. This brings the MVC-style of coding, made very popular by Ruby-on-Rails to the ASP.NET world. I've been eager to start using MVC for months, but I've been holding off until I knew the API was locked down so I don't have to change anything.