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Free Software and Services for Open Source Projects

Following on from yesterday's post about open source projects; here's a bunch of commercial software and services that are offered free by their companies to open source projects.

PowerShell function to launch Kiln/BitBucket/Google Code/etc. for current Mercurial repo from command line

A small, but useful, PowerShell function that I have in my PowerShell profile that reads the default repo path from .hg\hgrc and launches it in the default browser. This means after I've done hg push I can just ype kiln to quickly get to the repo page to raise code reviews, etc.

Extending MarkdownHelper/MarkdownDeep.NET to support Google Code's Prettify Syntax Highlighter

I'm in the process of rewriting my blog in ASP.NET MVC to move it from Google App Engine to AppHarbor. One of the important changes is that all my articles will be stored as Markdown instead of HTML.