Dart Code v2 - Now with Flutter debugging and hot reload!

In addition to command line programs, Dart Code now supports full debugging of Flutter mobile applications including hot reload and device switching!

I found a ridiculous bug in YouTube and seem unable to successfully report it :(

I found a bug that results in a huge number of 404s from YouTube descriptions on the mobile website but have had no joy reporting it to Google.

Simple Dart code to tweet using OAuth

Last year I blogged about some simple C# to post tweets. I converted that code to Dart for easier running on my Raspberry Pi.

Making more money with Amazon: Splitting visitors between Amazon US/UK based on their location

Affiliate programmes for each Amazon domain are very separate and Amazon do not provide a way to send visitors to their local site. Thus, this simple service was born.

Visiting a site that uses Disqus comments when not logged in sends the URL to Facebook

I was surprised to see the Facebook SDK being loaded in the network tab on my blog when I don't have any Facebook buttons. It turned out to be coming courtesy of Disqus. No wonder Facebook knows everywhere you go!

Using Alexa (Amazon Echo) to Preheat my Renault ZOE and check Battery Status

With only a small amount of code I was able to connect Alexa up to Renault ZE Services via Amazon AWS Lambda to control the car with my voice.

Simplest C# code to post a tweet using OAuth

I recently needed to post tweets programatically and found myself lost in a maze of OAuth and bloated Twitter libraries so decided to see what was the simplest code I could create to post tweets using OAuth.

HTML5 Pong in 20min with C#/Bridge.NET

I had a quick go at creating a simple Pong game using Bridge.NET to run in the browser. It took around 20 min for basic functionality and scoring/countdown timer.

DaChip8JS - My C# Chip-8 Interpreter running in the browser

Using Bridge.NET I was able to easily get my Chip-8 interpreter running in the browser (and working on mobile!)

Building a Chip-8 Interpreter in C#

I'm trying to build a NES emulator but since I've got a little stuck on the rendering code I decided to have a break and try something far simpler first!
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