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Visiting a site that uses Disqus comments when not logged in sends the URL to Facebook

I was surprised to see the Facebook SDK being loaded in the network tab on my blog when I don't have any Facebook buttons. It turned out to be coming courtesy of Disqus. No wonder Facebook knows everywhere you go!

Migrating my blog from Google App Engine to GitHub Pages and Jekyll

I’ve been trying to migrate my blog from Google App Engine to something a little more manageable (and not tied to GAE infrastructure) for some time. However, all of my attempts to rewrite the blog in ASP.NET have failed due to newer versions of “things” coming out, making me start over before I get to the end. I’ve come to the conclusion that coding my own blog is getting in the way of me blogging.

Improving Performance of the Disqus Commenting System

Update: The count.js path referenced in this article now 404s. I'm leaving this post here for reference; but recommend you do some investigation before just copy/pasting code!