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Migrating my blog from Google App Engine to GitHub Pages and Jekyll

I’ve been trying to migrate my blog from Google App Engine to something a little more manageable (and not tied to GAE infrastructure) for some time. However, all of my attempts to rewrite the blog in ASP.NET have failed due to newer versions of “things” coming out, making me start over before I get to the end. I’ve come to the conclusion that coding my own blog is getting in the way of me blogging.

Google Chrome NativeClient - The New ActiveX? Is it Good for the Web?

I like the possibilities that NativeClient in Chrome will open up, but I can't help think that we're going backwards... Do you remember when we used to see "Best viewed in Internet Explorer" and other crazy stuff written on websites?

Automating Deployment: Building/Deploying a Specific Mercurial Tag on CruiseControl.NET

Over the past few weeks, I've been claiming control of more of the build/deployment processes where I work. I was getting tired of seeing a red icon on CCTray because half of the company projects didn't build, and the few that had unit tests weren't even running them :-(

Configuring ELMAH to send emails without putting your password in the config file

Today I was configuring ELMAH to send emails when an exception occurs on my new blog. While looking for the config options, I noticed that a lot of the snippets being posted around suggests people are putting usernames and passwords in their config files to make this work. That's pretty scary! :(

Setting up NuGet to Automatically Fetch Packages When Deploying to AppHarbor Without Storing Binaries in Source Control

Over the last few days I've been blogging and tweeting about using NuGet without committing the packages folder to source control. David Ebbo blogged about using a pre-build event to fetch packages at build time.