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Setting up a Raspberry Pi (Raspian Jessie) to send Email

There are a bunch of things on Linux that send emails by default (for example, the output of Cron jobs). Here's how I set mine up to pass those emails on to a real email address.

How to Get Email Notifications of Xbox Live Games with Gold and Deals with Gold

Gold members of Xbox Live get free games each month (Games with Gold) and special offers each week (Deals with Gold). Here's how to get email notification each time they change to make sure you don't miss them!

Using Inbox by Gmail with IMAP or from a Google Apps or non-Gmail email account

Google recently launched Inbox by Gmail. Like all new Google Products, if you're a Google Apps user, you've been excluded with no indication from Google for how long. Here's a simple workaround.

Configuring ELMAH to send emails without putting your password in the config file

Today I was configuring ELMAH to send emails when an exception occurs on my new blog. While looking for the config options, I noticed that a lot of the snippets being posted around suggests people are putting usernames and passwords in their config files to make this work. That's pretty scary! :(