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Free Software and Services for Open Source Projects

Following on from yesterday's post about open source projects; here's a bunch of commercial software and services that are offered free by their companies to open source projects.

PowerShell function to launch Kiln/BitBucket/Google Code/etc. for current Mercurial repo from command line

A small, but useful, PowerShell function that I have in my PowerShell profile that reads the default repo path from .hg\hgrc and launches it in the default browser. This means after I've done hg push I can just ype kiln to quickly get to the repo page to raise code reviews, etc.

Automating Deployment: Building/Deploying a Specific Mercurial Tag on CruiseControl.NET

Over the past few weeks, I've been claiming control of more of the build/deployment processes where I work. I was getting tired of seeing a red icon on CCTray because half of the company projects didn't build, and the few that had unit tests weren't even running them :-(