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Is F# Ready for Production?

I'm a huge fan of F#, but now that all the obstacles for introducing it to production codebases are gone; I'm starting to wonder whether right now, it's the right choice to make...

My Favourite Open Source Software

Scott Hanselman suggested that open source software doesn't get enough praise; so I thought it'd be nice to blog a list of my favourites. Some of this is used on a daily basis and important to my work; yet I've never paid a penny for it!

Functional Programming Challenge; Words with Indexes

A colleague has also been starting to learn F#, and today gave me a problem he'd been trying to solve in F# in a "functional style". After much head-scratching, here's my attempt so far!

Opt-in Nulls; an F# Feature Worth Switching For?

Unlike C# (and VB.NET); F# has support for non-nullable reference types; and even makes you have to opt-in to them by default. I think this feature is incredibly valuable, and might even be worth considering switching language for!