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Compiling Dart to Native Executables for Windows, Linux and macOS with GitHub Actions

Dart v2.6 includes support for compiling Dart scripts to native executables for Windows, Linux and macOS. There's currently no cross-compilation but cloud services like GitHub Actions can be used to easily generate executables for each platform.

The State of Instant Messaging in "Social" 2011

It's 2011, seemingly "the year of Social". We have Facetime, Google+ Hangouts/Huddles, Facebook video chat, Twitter and iMessage built into iOS, Messenger built into WP7. It sounds like we're making great progress in improving the way we can communicate with our friends. Super!

Importing iPhone Dev Keys on a new Mac

When I set my Mac Mini for iPhone development, I was told to backup a key file (.p12) because if I lost it and needed to reinstall, I wouldn't be able to deploy to my iPhone (yikes!). I backed it up as suggested, and made sure I had copies of it all over my Mac, PC and the interwebs.