Note: DartVS is not being maintained, however Dart Code, my Dart extension for Visual Studio Code is and is much more complete.

Yesterday I published my fourth Visual Studio extension! :)

Recently I’ve been playing around with Dart, in the hope it might one day be a viable alternative to JavaScript. Something that always put me off trying it out in the past was a lack of Visual Studio support (I don’t want to use another IDE, I’m already using VS for ASP.NET, etc.). Since it doesn’t look like Google nor Microsoft will ever add this, I decided to give it a shot myself - I mean, how hard can it be? ;-)

Showing errors/warnings/hints in the Error List works, as does syntax highlighting (mostly). Next up is intellisense; but that’s likely to take a little longer as it’ll involve actually parsing some code!

If you’re using Dart and have Visual Studio; please try it out and let me know how you get on!


  • Use DartAnalyzer from the SDK when saving any .dart file and report errors/warnings/hints to the Visual Studio error list
  • Clicking errors navigates to the correct place in code
  • Syntax Highlighting

Not Implemented

  • Use Batch Mode of DartAnalyzer for better performance
  • Intellisense
  • Debugging



Please send your feedback/issues/feature requests! :-)