My Week in a Tesla Model S P85

For the last 9 months I have been driving a Renault ZOE EV, but as part of Chargemasters POLAR Plus EV Experience I had the opportunity to drive a Tesla Model S P85 for a week. I took some photos and wrote up some notes on how I found it.

Simple Windows utility to act as default browser and launch different browsers based on domain

I created a small utility that you can set as your default web browser in Windows and tell it which (real) browsers to launch for which domains; useful if you have some web apps that only work in one browser.

Response from CYC

I recently blogged about poor experiences using the CYC network (mostly GMEV chargers) and sent the post to CYC. Today CYC responded.

GMEV and CYC - The UKs Awful Recharging Network

We've had our electric vehicles for over three months now. We love them and wouldn't change them for anything. However, there's one charging network that has continually let us down, with not a single painless charging session across all our attempts to use them. That network, is CYC.

How to Get Email Notifications of Xbox Live Games with Gold and Deals with Gold

Gold members of Xbox Live get free games each month (Games with Gold) and special offers each week (Deals with Gold). Here's how to get email notification each time they change to make sure you don't miss them!

Using Inbox by Gmail from a Google Apps or non-Gmail email account

Google recently launched Inbox by Gmail. Like all new Google Products, if you're a Google Apps user, you've been excluded with no indication from Google for how long. Here's a simple workaround.

Have the Angular Team lost their marbles?

I've posted before that I'm not a big fan of frameworks like Angular, however recent information about Angular's future only makes me hold my head in my hands even more...

Running the Dart VM on a Chromebook in Developer Mode (without installing Linux)

Here are some instructions on how you can run the Dart VM (including pub) on a Chromebook in Developer Mode without having to install Linux or use Crouton! :)

Chromebook Comparison Chart

In looking for a Chromebook; I discovered there wasn't a great place to find specs in an easily sortable/filterable/comparable chart. So, I whipped one together.

You have ruined HTML

As if HTML wasn't already terrible enough; you've gone and ruined it with your {{ stupid binding expressions }} and convinced the world that it's a good thing.
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