Is F# Ready for Production?

I'm a huge fan of F#, but now that all the obstacles for introducing it to production codebases are gone; I'm starting to wonder whether right now, it's the right choice to make...

Free Software and Services for Open Source Projects

Following on from yesterday's post about open source projects; here's a bunch of commercial software and services that are offered free by their companies to open source projects.

My Favourite Open Source Software

Scott Hanselman suggested that open source software doesn't get enough praise; so I thought it'd be nice to blog a list of my favourites. Some of this is used on a daily basis and important to my work; yet I've never paid a penny for it!

Markdown-based Presentations with Remark

I recently discovered a cool JavaScript library called remark; which builds awesome looking presentations/slides from Markdown and CSS.

Cross-browser JavaScript Testing with Karma and Visual Studio

Yesterday I published a Visual Studio extension and a Karma reporter extension to enable showing realtime Karma results in the Visual Studio Test Explorer window.

A Jasmine Test Adapter for Visual Studio

I've published my second Visual Studio extension; a Jasmine test adapter for Visual Studio that discovers/executes tests when saving changes to js files.

Some things I learned while building my Visual Studio Test Adapter

I've published my first Visual Studio extension! It was slightly more complicated than expected. Here's some things I learned in the process...

A Lua Test Adapter and Framework for Visual Studio

I've published my first Visual Studio extension; a Lua test framework/adapter for Visual Studio that discovers/executes tests when saving changes to lua files.

Easily Calling Windows APIs from PowerShell

I received an email asking about more easily calling Windows APIs from PowerShell. I don't know much about calling Windows APIs, but the included samples looked a bit clunky to extend, so I tried to simplify them somewhat.

Useful PowerShell Profile Snippets

Some snippets of code from my PowerShell profile that might be useful to others; including coloured server names for remote PowerShell sessions and launching Visual Studio for thesolutions in the current folder.
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