Fixing adb "Device not found" with Nexus 7/Android devices in Recovery Mode

I'm a huge fan of the Nexus 7, but one of the things that annoyed me from day one was the lack of landscape support on the homescreen. I almost always use the tablet in landscape mode, so when switching to an app I didn't already have in the open/recent apps list, I would have to hit the Home button; which flipped everything around temporarily. There was already a user-set orientation lock, and we knew Android could handle it (from other devices, and those with rooted devices changing build properties), so it always seemed like a really random restriction.

Frustrations with Git on Windows (and Codeplex) / Suggestions to the Git Devs

During some ranting about Git on Twitter, Brendan Forster suggested I blog the things I would change. I don't have time to write a lot, but I thought I could spam out a list of things based on my first 30 minutes with Git on Windows.

Free dependency graph generation using PowerShell and yUML

I don't like the idea of paying for (or installing) a tool to just show me some simple relationships between my Visual Studio projects, but it's something that is pretty useful when trying to tidy up a huge legacy codebase.

Enabling Cron on a Western Digital My Book World Edition

Earlier today, a tweet from a colleague got me wondering whether I could set up cron on my NAS drive to give me the ability to run scheduled tasks. I don't leave any machines on at home, but my NAS drive is on 24/7, so it could be useful - especially as a backup system if Google open an API to Takeout!

Google Chrome NativeClient - The New ActiveX? Is it Good for the Web?

I like the possibilities that NativeClient in Chrome will open up, but I can't help think that we're going backwards... Do you remember when we used to see "Best viewed in Internet Explorer" and other crazy stuff written on websites?

Google Chromebook - First Week's Impressions

I've had my Chromebook for a week now, so I thought it was worth posting my thoughts on it so far. I have the Samsung Series 5 WiFi model and paid £299 for it in the Birmingham "Black" PC World/Currys store. I'm sat here on the Sofa with it, writing this post :-)

Using a Google Apps account as an Open ID login with a custom URL

For a long time, I've been using the address of this blog to login to websites that support OpenID. Rather than handling this myself, I used OpenID Delegation to let Google handle the login for me. However, it's always bugged me that due to the requirement of Google Profiles, I've always had to use my GMail account to login:

Automating Deployment: Building/Deploying a Specific Mercurial Tag on CruiseControl.NET

Over the past few weeks, I've been claiming control of more of the build/deployment processes where I work. I was getting tired of seeing a red icon on CCTray because half of the company projects didn't build, and the few that had unit tests weren't even running them :-(

The State of Instant Messaging in "Social" 2011

It's 2011, seemingly "the year of Social". We have Facetime, Google+ Hangouts/Huddles, Facebook video chat, Twitter and iMessage built into iOS, Messenger built into WP7. It sounds like we're making great progress in improving the way we can communicate with our friends. Super!

Google App Engine Price Increases - Bad for Small Apps, and No More Free Scaling :o(

At Google IO it was announced that this year that Google App Engine will come out of "preview" and add additional features and an SLA. Sounds great, but it also seemed like a lot of this hype was to try and downplay something else that was changing... the prices. As the service comes out of preview, it needs to be able to sustain itself financially. That means, price increases! (full details here)

Configuring ELMAH to send emails without putting your password in the config file

Today I was configuring ELMAH to send emails when an exception occurs on my new blog. While looking for the config options, I noticed that a lot of the snippets being posted around suggests people are putting usernames and passwords in their config files to make this work. That's pretty scary! :(

Adding Tab-Expansion to Andrew Nurse's PSGet (NuGet Powershell Module)

If you subscribe to my blog or follow me on Twitter you'll probably know I'm quite a fan of NuGet. Recently I was playing around with Andrew Nurse's PSGet module that wraps NuGet.exe for PowerShell (which, by the way, is an awesome idea, and should be added as built-in functionality!). I decided a good way to learn a little more about PowerShell would be to try and add Tab Expansion to PSGet, similar to the functionality in the Visual Studio Package Manager Console.

Extending MarkdownHelper/MarkdownDeep.NET to support Google Code's Prettify Syntax Highlighter

I'm in the process of rewriting my blog in ASP.NET MVC to move it from Google App Engine to AppHarbor. One of the important changes is that all my articles will be stored as Markdown instead of HTML.

Setting up NuGet to Automatically Fetch Packages When Deploying to AppHarbor Without Storing Binaries in Source Control

Over the last few days I've been blogging and tweeting about using NuGet without committing the packages folder to source control. David Ebbo blogged about using a pre-build event to fetch packages at build time.

Formatting PowerShell Objects using the Razor Engine

I've been meaning to look into PowerShell for a while - it's been on an ever-growing list of things I'd like to learn more about. Recently I got around to spending some time with it and decided an interesting way to learn a little would be to create a module that allowed you to format objects using the Razor Engine.


MarkdownHelper on NuGet, using MarkdownDeep

Last month I posted a small HtmlHelper to make transforming Markdown in an ASP.NET MVC application a little easier. Unfortunately, getting it up and running wasn't quite so easy... You had to go and download MarkdownSharp (or copy the code file from the Google Code site) and put it in your project, then copy/paste my code into a file, add the namespace to a Views/Web.config, and blah blah, you gave up already.

Improving Performance of the Disqus Commenting System

Update: The count.js path referenced in this article now 404s. I'm leaving this post here for reference; but recommend you do some investigation before just copy/pasting code!

Writing Comments in Code is *NOT* a Waste of Time

I was recently discussing the value of comments in code with some colleagues. After the discussion, one of them sent me a link to "Don't Waste Your Time Commenting Source Code" written by Riyad Mammadov.

Windows Phone 7 Part Deux

Update (19th March): I've added some additional info I received at the end of the post.

An ASP.NET MVC HtmlHelper Extension Method for Markdown using MarkdownSharp

Update: I changed from using MarkdownSharp to MarkdownDeep.NET and pushed the helper to NuGet to make it easier to use. Sure, it's only a few lines of code, but this way one command will import the MarkdownDeep.NET library and add the namespace to your views Web.config easily. It'll also make updates much simpler if you use it in many places :-)

Why I'm Close to Giving Up on Windows Phone 7, as a User and a Developer

Jun 2013 Update: I've made the switch to Android. More info can be found here!

Compressing Folders into Individual Encrypted 7-Zip Files from the Command Line for Backing Up to Dropbox

As previously mentioned, I've started backing my important files up to Dropbox to make sure I have a copy of the things I can't replace, should the worst happen. To easily encrypt the file contents, I decided to put things into password-protected 7-Zip files before copying into my Dropbox folder.

Google App Engine (GAE) vs Amazon Elastic Computing (EC2) vs Microsoft Azure

Almost a year ago, I compared Google App Engine and Microsoft Windows Azure, trying to decide which platform I should write and host my blog (and some other small projects) on. The comparison was about more than hosting - the languages and frameworks used would be influenced by the platform I was hosting on. There were also APIs available only to one platform, or easier to use on one platform compared to the other (such as the App Engine authentication).

Breeze - Xbox LIVE Indie Game

Rob Hutchinson, a talented programmer I used to work with, from has just release a game called Breeze on the Xbox LIVE Indie Marketplace. It was built using Kitae, his 2D XNA Game Engine. I'm really impressed with how this game turned out, and I think it's going to do really well in the marketplace. I thought I'd plug it here, as I know many readers are XNA coders :-)

How to get Dirt Cheap O'Reilly Books (Legally) on any Device!

Over the last few years, I've picked up a few O'Reilly books on my iPhone from the App Store. It's not particularly fun reading on an iPhone screen (especially pre-iPhone4), but the books are crazy cheap. Like £3 cheap!

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