Cross-browser JavaScript Testing with Karma and Visual Studio

Yesterday I published a Visual Studio extension and a Karma reporter extension to enable showing realtime Karma results in the Visual Studio Test Explorer window.

A Jasmine Test Adapter for Visual Studio

I've published my second Visual Studio extension; a Jasmine test adapter for Visual Studio that discovers/executes tests when saving changes to js files.

Some things I learned while building my Visual Studio Test Adapter

I've published my first Visual Studio extension! It was slightly more complicated than expected. Here's some things I learned in the process...

A Lua Test Adapter and Framework for Visual Studio

I've published my first Visual Studio extension; a Lua test framework/adapter for Visual Studio that discovers/executes tests when saving changes to lua files.

Easily Calling Windows APIs from PowerShell

I received an email asking about more easily calling Windows APIs from PowerShell. I don't know much about calling Windows APIs, but the included samples looked a bit clunky to extend, so I tried to simplify them somewhat.

Useful PowerShell Profile Snippets

Some snippets of code from my PowerShell profile that might be useful to others; including coloured server names for remote PowerShell sessions and launching Visual Studio for thesolutions in the current folder.

Functional Programming Challenge; Words with Indexes

A colleague has also been starting to learn F#, and today gave me a problem he'd been trying to solve in F# in a "functional style". After much head-scratching, here's my attempt so far!

Opt-in Nulls; an F# Feature Worth Switching For?

Unlike C# (and VB.NET); F# has support for non-nullable reference types; and even makes you have to opt-in to them by default. I think this feature is incredibly valuable, and might even be worth considering switching language for!

Migrating my blog from Google App Engine to GitHub Pages and Jekyll

I’ve been trying to migrate my blog from Google App Engine to something a little more manageable (and not tied to GAE infrastructure) for some time. However, all of my attempts to rewrite the blog in ASP.NET have failed due to newer versions of “things” coming out, making me start over before I get to the end. I’ve come to the conclusion that coding my own blog is getting in the way of me blogging.

Fixing Duplicate Contacts in Android People app from Google Contacts and Google+

Now that I've swapped my Windows Phone for a Nexus 4, I've discovered what a mess my Google Contacts are in once synced to Android and enabling Google+ to supplement contact data. It didn't matter too much on the Nexus 7 tablet, but on the phone it's more frequently used, so having the same contacts appear three times is a problem!

Farewell Windows Phone (You can't say I didn't try!). Hello Android!

After the craziness of a previous Windows Phone blog entry ("Why I'm Close to Giving Up on Windows Phone 7, as a User and a Developer"), I thought it was worth posting an update, now that my "relationship" with Windows Phone has come to an end. Recently I placed an order for a Google/LG Nexus 4 Android phone...

Fix for Google Music showing prices in USD and US-only services for non-US users

Many people gained access to Google Music before it launched in their country by first accessing it from the US (sometimes via a VPN, EC2 instance, etc.). When Google Music launched "for real" in their countries, many (like me), found that that service believed they were in the US, and offered US-only services (such as All Access), and showed US-only offers, and prices in USD.

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